What are the legacies of colonization? 

Stephanie Beyerbach

Policies and Practices of the Government that Affected Northern People

In 1968, Aboriginal people started voting. However, they were actually legally able to vote in 

1885 but people said "Why should we support them and give them rights of citizens?". 

Nowadays, many people do not know what the Indian act is.

It was never translated into any  Native language, even though it was an Act made specifically for Native people.

In the past, Aboriginal people were not allowed to use metal farming equipment. When they got good at farming, there were not allowed to sell their grain because it would take away profit from European farmers.  It was illegal for status Indians to practice their traditional ceremonies, such as pot latches. It was also illegal for Aboriginal people to carry liquor and/or be present in a pool hall. After WW2, First Nations veterans were supposed to receive the same benefits as an other European veteran. However, they were told to just go back to their reserves. 

The Impacts of Colonization Today

Nowadays, Aboriginal people are treated very differently. They now have equal rights and treated fairly. However, many people still remember the impacts of colonization and how it affects them today. Some Aboriginal people are not trusting of the Canadian government because of what it put their people through in the past. 

Responses to Colonization

In both video clips, many people of today did not know that the Aboriginal people were being treated unfairly. They did not know what the Indian Act was, or all the laws made against Native people to tell them what they can and can't do. This is why I believe we need education on the impacts of colonization and what Aboriginal people had to go through in the past.

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