Death, and Life and Death

-Kono people of Guinea

The Beginning 

  • Death: Sa, Wife and Daughter
  • Sa creates a vast sea of mud to live in
  • Alatangana visits Sa and family 
  • Is appalled and turns mud into solid earth
  • Still depressed by lifeless expanse 
  • Made plants and animals 
  • Sa is like okay I see what you're doing 
  • Alatangana wants Sa's daughter as wife
  • Sa says no but Alatangana woos SD and they elope far away

  • Set up happy home and have 14 kids 
  • 7 girls 7 boys each 4 with light skin each 3 with dark skin
  • all kids spoke different languages which confused the rents
  • Alatangana goes to Sa for advice
  • Sa says it was a curse he put on their kids because Alatangana stole his daughter
  • Alatangana goes back home 
  • His kids eventually go off to found the people of the world
  • World was still dark
  • Al sends two birds to ask Sa how to make world lit 
  • Sa teaches them song to make world lit

  • Birds sang song and dawn happened 
  • Al is grateful
  • Sa orders to take his kids whenever he wants 

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