The sport  marathon originated in Greece.  The sport came in the year 484.

The marathon has many runs that any one could join with the right training.  There are some teams for the marathon.  For example the IAAF/Sinopec World Half Marathon Championships was held in Kenya.

The Rules of the Marathon!

1.) The full distance of a marathon must be 26.2 miles.

2.) There can only be 10 finishers.

3.)  Each runner has to retain some information to substantiate each event, such as: a finisher's certificate, published event results, race bib number AND medal

4.)The run must be finished and started in the same state.

5.)Shadow”, “satellite”, or "virtual" events will not be allowed.

All you need to run a marathon is:


2.)athletic clothes depending on the temperature

3.)water bottle(very important)

4.)bib number


The length of this marathon is 26.2 miles or over to be called a marathon.  The average time to be finished the race is 4 hours and 22 min.

Here are some useful tips for running a marathon!

1.)Always remember to pace yourself.

2.)Eat 2-3 hours before you run(healthy)

3.)Use mental discipline to pace yourself on the early miles.

4.)In warm conditions at racing intensities you may lose between 1 and 2 liters of fluid per hour.

5.) Focus on your own performance-not what is going on around you.

6.) Positive self-talk: remind yourself that you have trained hard and prepared for the race.

  7.)Can’t Put "Time in the Bank". You will pay back time for any fast early miles with double or triple the time in the final 10K.


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There are not really any fouls in the marathon.  Obviously you have to run the whole 26.2 miles without cutting.  Also you have to have a bib number in order to race.

The marathon has changed over the years!

The longest race was only 5km long.

The 26.2 miles wasn't established until the 20 century.

  The idea for the modern marathon was inspired by the legend of an ancient Greek messenger who raced from the site of Marathon to Athens, a distance of about 40 kilometers, or nearly 25 miles, with the news of an important Greek victory over an invading army of Persians in 490 B.C. After making his announcement, the exhausted messenger collapsed and died.


For a marathon when you finished, the lower of the numbers you have the better it is.  For example if two people are running and one person gets the time 4.50 minutes and the other gets 6.7, then the first person wins.

There is no limit of how many runners can run in a marathon.

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