Gods and Goddesses 

By: Jessica Torrence 

Digital Project


1. He is the Leader/King of all the Greek Gods,  God of Weather, Law and Fate.

2. His Weapon is a Lightning Bolt.

3. He has a lot of Spouse's which is why his Sister/Wife, Hera, was so jealous (by cursing them as punishment) . He also has a lot of Children.

4. Zeus can have a really bad Temper.

5. Zeus' siblings is Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. He also saved them from their Father and overthrown him.


1. Athena is the Goddess of War, Wisdom and Many Others.

2.  She is the Daughter of Zeus, and is Zeus' Favorite Child.

3. Her Weapons is a Spear, holds a Shield and wears a helmet.

4. She was not born, but sprang out of Zeus' head full grown, wearing armor while holding a spear and shield out of Zeus' head. 

5. She is a Virgin Goddess.


1. Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Enjoyment, fertility and procreation.

2. She is so beautiful, that ll the other Gods were fighting to get with her.

3. Her Weapon is her Beauty.

4. She was born  from the coast of Cyprus, she rose from the sea foam, and there she was.

5. She had an Affair with Ares while married with Hephaestus.


1. Odin is the God/Leader/King of Aesir (Meaning Multiple Gods). He is Connected to Magic.

2. God of war, death, wisdom, and poetry. Is a Sky God, All-father of the Nordic Gods.

3.  Wednesday is named after him, Woden ( his name).

4. His Sons are Thor, Baldr, Hod, Hermod, Vidar and Vali.

5.  He and his wife Frigga, rule Asgard.


1. Freya is the Goddess of Love, Fertility, Enjoyment, Battle and Relationships.

2. She has a Twin Brother Named Freyr.

3. She is The Most Beautiful Goddess.

4. She loves music, spring and flowers.

5. Friday is Named after Her.


1. Thor is the God of Thunder,  the Sky, Fertility and Law, Protector of Asgard from Giants.

2.  He has a weapon named Mjolnir ( Pronounced MIOL-neer) and he is the one worthy to wield Mjolnir. The ones who is worthy, can pick up Mjolnir. The ones not worthy can't pick up Mjolnir.

3. Thursday is named after him.

4. In Marvel, Thor has a blonde beard and hair, but in Norse Mythology he has a red beard and hair.

5. Thor is Mostly known and Popular in the Marvel movies Thor, today.


1.  They all have special abilities and powers. The Greek Mythology Gods and Goddesses even have the same few roles as the other Norse Gods and Goddesses.

2. The Greek and Norse Gods can be in people's everyday lives. In Greek Mythology Greeks believed that they control their everyday lives, like fate thats why they pray and praised them. Same with Norse Mythology, Vikings love them, praising them too.


1. The Norse Gods are Praised by Vikings, (Scandinavian) and the Greek Gods are praised by the Greeks.

2. The Greek Gods and Goddesses live on the Biggest Mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus. The Norse Gods and Goddesses live in the realm called Asgard. Fact: Norse Gods travel between the Earth realm (Called Midgard) and Asgard with this Rainbow bridge called Bifrost, its a connection between the two realms.

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Jessica Torrence Gods and Goddesses

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