Marathon running began in 490 B.C. in Athens. When a people after a battle had to run around a mountain.

Number of players

There can be as many people  signed up for a marathon.  Some marathons you have to have a qualifying time.  A marathon runner competes against himself to get a better time.

Length of game

Marathons are 26.2 miles long.  But people can take up to 6 hours to finish.  The fastest time ever was 2 hours and 5 minutes.  


A marathon it just matters what place you finish in and how much time you take. You get points if you finish in the top 5.


You must run all 26.2 miles

You can only run or walk

You have to complete the course in 6.5 hours.

Field Dimensions

The length of the course in 26.2 miles long.There is certain lines that you have to stay in or you could get disqualified.  


The strategy in marathon running is coming in the highest place that you can.  You have to pace yourself to come in first. 


You can not use any mode of transportation beside your feet.


You can were really what ever you want for a marathon.  The basic things you need are just shoes.  The only thing you have to have is your registration number.


There are no marathon leagues in Djibouti.  Every year there is one half marathon in Djibouti and one full marathon.  


There have not been many changes to marathon running since its originated in Athens. 

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