The aging population of Canada and the U.S.A and impact on journalism business models

The next five to 10 years

-    By 2021, there will 6.9              million seniors  living in            Canada (65 years +) 



-   About 67 million American     seniors by 2025

The Canadian and American healthcare system will be strained by the aging population 

The aging population will 

become vulnerable to health 

matters, and seek health 

related topics to keep 


  News outlets will       be required to shift   editorial content         and focus on               information about     healthcare systems

Specialized topics will result in the need for journalists with expertise in the health industry 

 To lessen the  costs of hiring  experts on staff,  news outlets will  shift to  collaborating with  health specialists,  academic  institutions and  hospitals to  provide health  related news   

More news outlets will build   technologies that reflect the aging populations' needs. 

E.g. Closed captions and sign language on all videos 

Traditional methods of broadcasting will become popular again.

 These technologies are convenient for seniors.

(newspaper, radio, television)

Journalism Business models will shift back to earning  high revenues, from native advertising. 

There will also be an increase in content marketing. 


Given the long-term change in healthcare systems, the aging population will also be interested in government policies.

Thus, more government grants will be made available to news outlets to cover these changes.

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