This Week in Technology: Nvidia's New Graphics Technology

Overview of Product

Nvidia released a new graphics card series, the "10 series"

Supersedes the 900 series

Uses the company's unique Pascal architecture for faster speeds, and longer lasting reliability.

Future-Proof to an extent

Developed new, and better technologies that Nvidia's competitors don't have access to

How this Product Changes the Industry

Gives access to a feature known as "Ansel"

Ansel allows for pictures, that once taken can be rotated even outside the frame of the picture itself, in a 360 degree angle.

Virtual Reality Technology

Ansel also incorporates VR to allow you to step into your picture, and look around as if you were there. No other technology on the market allows for this kind of precision, or quality in screenshots.

16 nm architecture

Previously, cards used 28 nm chips which were fast for their time, but software and hardware are never the name is terms of amount of resources needed and amount of resources that can be output. The 16 nm chips allow for faster, more efficient speeds. The bonus for Nvidia, is that their cards are the only ones that have this technology inside them

What does this Product Make Easier?

Grants access to faster rendering, and a better overall experience when playing.

When speaking in terms of laptops, the Pastel architecture allows for a 30% longer battery life, furthermore it boosts performance by 75% when compared to the last generation of cards.

For developers, and media creators, the lightning quick experience speeds up the time it takes to perform rendering tasks, which improves the quality and development time of the game or media produced

Things to take out of the video

The comparison to Maxwell Architecture (2X more efficient). This means that in one generation, they got twice as better at making their product.

Multiple monitor support. Evil villains with 5 monitors around them can now exist because of this technology.

G5X memory, fastest RAM memory on the market today, faster than Nvidia's competitors thats for sure.

State-of-the-Art Chamber Cooling which allows for continued use without risk for card damage

Can OC 2GHz. To put that in perspective, the card's OC power is twice as better as the GTX 680, the flagship card in 2012, just 4 years ago.

4K resolution at 60fps. 4K will become the new standard for viewing content, so it's important to develop and perfect the technology now.

Moore's Law- Processing power is expected to double every 18 months.

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

Widely regarded at the primary competitor to Nvidia

At the moment, Nvidia has the cheaper, better card on the market right now

AMD usually has the cheaper card

AMD has a worse PR record than Nvidia (not to say that Nvidia doesn't)

AMD recycles old tech, has been known to lie about tech, and produces cards with cheaper materials.

AMD hasn't released the newest generation of its card, yet

Impacts of the Product

For gamers, and developers alike, this product line creates brand new possibilities which are included but not limited to: 

Realistic VR graphics

Games with realistic Newtonian physics

Many moving objects on the screen

A new generation of generation and rendering

New sub-genres of games

Reception of Product

At first the product was doubted to have the specifications and pricing that was announced.Quickly debunked after the specs were released and stress tests began.

The MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) is very affordable, as cards that would have been of this quality would be $200 more expensive.

The consumers reception of the product was very good, and as a result have the company an edge over AMD, since the PR of AMD is not known for being the greatest

Company Stock

Due to the revised IP, the Nvidia Corporation's stock will rise.

The AMD corporation's stock will lower due to a worse card on the market, and more people potentially moving over to Nvidia as their primary card manufacturer.

AMD still makes cards capable of competition with Nvidia's cards, but the issue is that AMD hasn't released a new skew to effectively counter Nvidia's 10 series.

As of right now, Nvidia stands as a stock price of $67.45, while AMD is at $6.96 at market closing.

Effects on Nvidia

Improved PR receptionImproved stock pricesGenerated more revenue for NvidiaMore R&D fundsMore advertising fundsMore resources for creating an efficient production lineReduce the overhead by investing in quality management

News for Competitors

This is bad news for competitors of Nvidia because as of right now analysis shows that the 10 series provides the best cost per power on the market throughout all their cards.

The competitor that will be hardest hit by this release is AMD, and so they will need to scramble to come up with a product that beats the 10 series, or their market value will plummet.

This will lead to a loss in revenue for AMD which won't allow them to conduct research and development on possible products as easily.

News for Consumers

This is great news for consumers, as they will be getting a better product for less cash. Nvidia users will benefit greatly from this as they are already invested in the company, and may receive or be eligible for benefits or discounts.Even to those not invested in Nvidia, this still turns out to be quite a deal because the timing of this release coincides with common lifespans of last generation cards. Meaning they can switch to Nvidia, sell their old card for some dough, and get a card that can be up to 2X-3X better than their current one.The only consumer that could not benefit from this is one so heavily invested in AMD or other competitors that it would be financially irresponsible to make the change. The other group that would NOT benefit is the group that purchased cards within the last 3-9 months.


                Nvidia 1060

Dedicated RAM- 3 GB/6 GB

Clock Speed- 1506 MHz

Price- 3 GB- $200

           6 GB- $250

Power Pull- 120 W

Computing Power- 8.3 Score

Gaming Power- 8.3 Score

Overall Score - 8.8

                AMD RX480

Dedicated RAM- 4 GB/8 GB

Clock Speed- 1266 MHz

Price- 4 GB- $200

           8 GB- $290

Power Pull- 150 W

Computing Power- 8.1 Score

Gaming Power- 8.1 Score

Overall - 8.6

Stay Safe, and May Pepe Watch Over You

The End

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