Agricultural Terracing

In mountains regions

Humans create steps(terraces) in the mountainside

They are made to create level areas to farm 

Water pollution in rural stream,soil,air, animal and soil diversity,people,plants,and food are all affected by Agricultural terracing

They are developed in many places


Chernobyl Disaster 

Located 80 miles north of kiev, in ukraine

Ukraine was controlled by the soviet union until 1991  

Radiation is an affect of Chernobyl disaster

 4,000 people died from the the radiation 

And people had to leave their homes and never could go back

Referred to Chernobyl accident

happen on April 26,1986  

This is a Map of the Area affected by Chernobyl

The panama canal connects 2 larger bodies of water together
The panama canal connects the atlantic ocean and the pacific ocean 
Forests,and rivers are being destroyed by making canals

when making the panama canal too many people were dying due to a disease 

Panama Canal 

This is a Map of Where Hurricane Matthew is Going

Hurricane Matthew 

Hurricanes are major tropical storms usually originating in the Atlantic ocean 

Hurricanes affect the environment by threatening the food supply

First category 5 Atlantic hurricane since hurricane Felix in 2007 

The Ring of Fire

A string of volcanoes and sites of seismic activity around the pacific ocean 

The ring of fire is an intact forests

 Examples include: 

Christchurch Earthquake, New Zealand.

Mount Saint Helens, Washington, USA.

Mount Pinatubo, Philippines.

Mt. Fuji, Japan.

Paricutin Volcano, Mexico.

Santiago Earthquake, Chile.

Sendai Earthquake, Japan.

Map of the Ring of Fire 

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Human and Environment- Making an impact

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