Architecture plus IT - New Architectural Practice

SHOP plus Intersection

DPC with BIM + CM meets Digital Agency

Modern Architect meets IT Architect

AIA meets DBM

Parameters meet Quaries

Mies van Der Rohe meets Larry Ellison

Parametric Design Tools meets Visual Query Builders

Our core values

Four things we would like you to know about us

We are what "shipper" is to microsoft.

We handle complex, large scale enterprise projects. 

in terms of architecture, we dare "don't try this at home"

type of jackass projects.

Why? Good Question!

Q&A is our business

We are constantly asked to ask.

Even if that means crash and burn.

Even if that means the crowd consume our brightest ideas.

Overnight. Because that's what we do.

We build baddest questions and We ship best answers.  

Want to see what that looks like?

Contact us for RFI and NDA !

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About Our Company

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