Growth as a learner

  • I have grown as a learner by learning how to put my social life aside in order to get my work done in a timely and productive manner. 
  • Previous to this year, my growth as a learner revolved around studying with a group of friends and with other people. 
  • This year I have become more independent and nonreliant on my peers. Knowing that I am going to be on my own next year has influenced me the most this year. a learner

  • Strengths and Skills I want to capitalize on

- Good at splitting up work through delegation with group projects

-I know how to ask questions that will maximize my understanding of the subject 

  • Weaknesses

- I am very bad a studying on my own 

- I get distracted very easily 


  • Strengths and Skills I want to capitalize on

- Very sociable and easy to get along with (or at least I think that I am)

- Very accepting of all people 

- Manages stress well

  • Challenging areas

- Separating my social life from my academic life 

- Trying to not overwhelm myself with new opportunities 

What are your plans and where will you be next year?

  • Challenges I will face

- Appalachian is cold... very cold 

- ASU has over 400 clubs and organizations and I have to keep myself from joining all of them

  • How I plan on taking advantage of my strengths & skills there

- I plan on becoming friends with everybody and using my "charming" personality to make life long relationships 

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by jedwards1441


Public - 5/30/16, 1:28 AM