Moving to Mars Questions

What do we need to bring to Mars? 

What should we bring to Mars?

What are the astronauts bringing?

We need to bring Oxygen, water, and food, because we need them to survive. We also need to bring tools, like space tools for repairs on the space station or space craft. Regular tools also, like a hammer or a wrench or a shovel, for everyday uses. We will also need other tools to analyze supplies, supplies being liquids, rock etc.

We will also need to bring medicine for illnesses caught in space. The usual medicine we bring into space is allergic reaction medicine, and seizure medicine. We also will need something to communicate with earth with, like a radio, or a computer, something like that. We will also need to bring solar power panels.

We also need at bring a spaceship that can get us to Mars and maybe back. To do that we have to pack a lot of fuel, more than we've ever used in a space shuttle before. Also a mars rover to use on mars.

The astronauts are also allowed to bring personal items, like their personal computer, books things like that. Astronauts are also required to bring things they need, clothes for working out, and regular clothes.

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Moving to Mars - Roarke

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