What is my passion

By: Allison Brown


a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

: a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way

: a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone

What is passion to me?

Pasison to me is something you enjoy doing and you feel sucessful doing that thing.  You may not love every bit of it but you try your hardest to make yourself love what you do.  It's what puts you on your feet every  morning and you strive to make your life better.

My Passion

   When I think of my passion I think of helping others and offering help to people who may not have it as good as you do.  I love volunteering and always giving a helping hand to the community.


When did I discover my passion?

I first had become interested to this kind of stuff last year when I joined keyettes, and I found that if you help someone it makes you feel really good about yourself and what you do.  

Experience with this passion

I had volunteered several times last year at the homeless shelter, feeding america, and habitat for humanity.  I met so many nice people and I realized how much people appreciated my help. 

Studies have shown if you help someone at least twice or three times a year it will make you feel better about your self.  Helping people is an extreme self esteem booster.

Helping others is something that other people need to be involved in.  I think everyone is just so selfish now, no one cares about the people who have no home, or food and we could change their lives just by helping out.

Can it impact my life

I think my passion will have a very positive impact on my life, especially if I keep dping this for a long time.  This will make me love every bit of ,y life even more if I know I'm making someone else's better just by giving a helping hand.

Will it help my future?

When I think of my dream job I'd love to be a nurse.  Nurses can give help to others 24/7 and that is just what I would love.  Helping sick patients would be such a good job for me and I can't wait to follow through with it.

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