in Slovenia

Snowboarding originated in United States in the 1960's, when Tom Sims created the first snowboard out of a rounded pine plank. 

There are many different types of Snowboarding competitions including, Alpine, Freestyle, and boarder cross.  

Snowboarders are required to wear helmets at all times during competition. During Alpine races, competitors must weave through a series of gates down the mountain.

During snowboarding events, one competitor races at a time.  Then the racers with the fastest times move on and the slower competitors are eliminated. 

There are different rules associated with the different Types of snowboarding events. For Alpine events, the fastest time gets first place. In Freestyle points are awarded for difficulty of tricks and how well the tricks are executed.

The dimensions of each run vary with every mountain, but Kitzbuhel ( home of the ski snowboard world cup) covers a distance of 3.6 miles

Participants use snowboards made of fiberglass with a wooden or foam core.

snowboarders also wear helmets to protect them from falls.

If a Snowboarder misses a gate, falls, or doesn't finish the first run they receives a time penalty.

There are many different associations and competitions for snowboarders around the world, ranging from amateur to the Olympic level.

Even though the general rules of snowboarding have not changed, there have been many advancements in snowboard technology in the past 50 years.


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