MARs is a cold gas planet

Mars is a gas planet and has a mass of 6.39 times 10/23 kg 

Mars size is 2,106 million mars orbits the sun every 1.88 

Earth years or every 686.93 earth days mars takes 24 hours to fully orbit once.

Mars atmosperic information 

The atmospere on mars is less than

One percent of earth somit doesnt protect from the suns 

Radiation nor does it retain heat on the surface 

Has 95 percent of carbon dioxide 

Three percent nitrogen 1.6 argon 

Tempature information on mars 

it can get up to 70F it is colder planet because it is farther from the sun and the sun would make it a hotter planet but it is too far away from the planet

mars moon information

the moons of mars are phobos and deimos. Both moons were discovered in 1877by asaph hall and are named after the characters phobos and deimos who in greek mythology . Accompained their father Ares, god of war, into battle. Ares was known as

have moons smaller then 50-100 meters and a dust ring

between phobos and deimos, but none have been discovered 

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