Before 9/11

  • There were fewer than 24 officers working on counter terrorism full-time.
  • The intelligence division was mainly tasked with protecting political entities and other dignitaries.

The NYPD lost 23 officers to the 9/11 attacks.

After 9/11

  • The NYPD staffed itself with up to a thousand counter terrorism officers.
    • The counter terrorism department boasts outposts in London, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and Tel Aviv.
    • Informants have been selected in mosques as well as Arab-American communities.

  • The intelligence division of the NYPD was also presented with a role change:
    • Protection of political entities and dignitaries (as before).
    • The gathering and analyzation of global intelligence.

  • In 2002 the NYPD became the first U.S. police department to run their own counter terrorism division
    • This division has been responsible in training all officers for counter terrorism operations.

NYC has been targeted 13 times since 9/11

  • Citigroup Headquarters
  • the Brooklyn Bridge
  • JFK International Airport
  • the Subway System
  • Major Synagogues

"New York City is in the cross hairs of global terrorism" -Ray Kelley

Today's Terrorists are...

  • Religious Extremists
  • Homegrown Radicals
  • International Terrorist Organizations

Citizens of the United States

NYPD on Citizens

the Post-9/11 NYPD crackdown

  • A network of cameras began to cover the city.
    • This then began prying into the lives of citizens.
  • Denying permits to protesters.
    • Barricading the protesters into confined areas.
      • Confining the people's freedom of speech.

"We couldn't rely on the federal government. We're doing all the things we're doing because the federal government isn't doing them." 

-Commissioner Ray Kelly to the New York Times.

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Remembering 9/11

by drattunde


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