"So, what's your Stor(if)y?"

How to tell complete stories using your tweets with

By: Elías Kamal Jabbe (@Elias213)

Ever live-tweeted at an event where 10(00) tweets about a topic were being shared with the same #hashtag every minute?

When the smoke clears, you can collect the tweets posted by you (and others) and publish a complete story that anyone (even non-Twitter users) can review easily.

Stand out from the flock by adding context to your tweets.

How to setup your Storify:

1. Create a Storify account with your Twitter account.

2. "Favorite" tweets you'll use in stories (to find them quickly).

3. Write a headline and introduction paragraphs with background information on what you tweeted about.

4. For your cover image, drag and drop the tweet with the image you want to use. Save draft and arrange tweet order.

Add external media and captions to complete your story.

Storify home page, where you can find top stories.
(Notice how leading digital news websites like Mashable use it.)

You can search for content from many social networks and even add other Storify stories to your story or collection of media (more on this later).

You can search for content that anyone can find  (YouTube videos), and media from Vine and Instagram, even if you don't have an account on those sites.
Find out where media comes from by seeing the logo by the timestamp (See the Vine and IG logos.)

Use Storify's Chrome extension to add tweets like this TOUNSI Tech Tweet to stories. 
Tuni'SEO, Webdays Tunis & Tunisia Digital Day are proof of what Amira Yahyaoui said!

Use Storify's Chrome extension to add tweets like this TOUNSI Tech Tweet to stories.
Tuni'SEO, Webdays Tunis & Tunisia Digital Day are proof of what Amira Yahyaoui said!

How can I promote my Storify stories once I publish them?

You can send out at standard "Notify" tweet that Storify generates so you can quickly send a tweet to everyone on Twitter who you mentioned in your story.

Or you can customize the promotion (which I prefer) and include your story headline or key topics via two ways.

Old way of promoting (add a photo to your tweet and tag anyone related to the story)

New(er) way of promoting (Twitter Cards gives a preview)

Storify's Preview feature is a perfect example of how nice Twitter Cards are.
(Click the tweet below to see how you can read a Storify story directly on Twitter.)

Good news: the Storify team recently added new features.

"Enterprise users can now do real-time collaboration on stories. And we've added Getty's free image library as a source. 

We write about new features on the main Storify account: http://storify.com/storify." -Burt Herman, Storify Co-Founder (Nov '14)

New Features (And don't forget that you can embed a Storify)

You can embed a Storify in 3 styles (I like Slideshow)

Share your stories easily: Storify.com/YourTwitterAccount.

My stories are at Storify.com/CulturalMatters.

What I like to use Storify for: combining traditional journalism with new media (tweets and YouTube videos).

How you can use it: publish articles, collect tweets from online events like contests and Twitter chats, share tweets with different opinions about the same topic and more. 

Resources and examples of people who get Storify right

AlJazeera The Stream gets more views for their stories

Giving Tuesday UK raised money for charity using Tweets and viral content (GIFs) during the #Unselfie campaign



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